evaluation of Analogy

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  • Evaluation of Analogy
    • some analogies are acceptable such as 'God the Father' as there is a clear relationship of love and care between believers and God which is like that of the the Love of a father thus it is an adequate comparison.
      • Analogies need a basis of fact in which they are created. What basis is there to god as the father, it has no valid reasoning or fact, it is still a meaningless statement.
    • C.stephen evans said that we can accept God as mysterious. Our knowledge of God is limited but it is valid so long as there is enough understandingfor worship.
      • Analogy is still unclear and only proposes a partial answer which doesn't say anything meaningful about God
    • Rudolph otto said that god is tremendum mysterium fascinans (fearful and fascinating mysterious) of which such be conveyed by human language and not disguised
      • however William Blackstone said that Analogies are still unhelpful as they have to be translated into univocal language before they are understood which leads them to being meaningless.
    • Many people believe that God reveals himself which allows for insight into how he is which can be expressed through analogy
      • however god is a transcendent being, a wholly other who cannot be known and thus analogy is an inadequate method as God cannot be compared to anything
    • comparisons do allow insight into Gods being. for e.g. we can understand something of a Dogs loyalty  due to our familiarity with the loyalty of our husband/friends,
      • to do a comparison as such however it only scratches the surface of the possible qualities of God, as with the dogs loyalty we come to understand nothing about it as the loyalty of husbands and friends etc is nothing like that of a dogs


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