Religious language evaluation (A02)

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  • Religious language evaluation
    • Analogy - Aquinas
      • / Framework
      • / Gives words about God a proper meaning and context
      • X Only infer God's attributes by looking at the pleasant/positive side - than humanity as a whole
      • X Multiple inferences lead to issues
      • X Mis-interpretaion (own understanding)
    • Verification - Ayer
      • X the principle cannot be verified according to its own criteria
      • X Dismisses subjects
      • X HICK's eschatological verification of God and heaven
      • X R M HARE 'bliks' - impacts our lives and the way we live
    • Falsification - Flew
      • X Critics argue that 'God exists' is falsifiable
      • X MITCHELL - belief in God is in principle falsifiable (belief may be tested)
      • X HICK's eschatological verification of God and heaven
    • Language games - Wittgenstein
      • / Promotes tolerance and acceptance
      • X Prevents devolpment in knowledge
      • X People participate in more than one language game
    • Myth - Bultmann
      • X Abandons the idea of God as a literal agent
      • X Implies there is no afterlife
    • Symbol - Tillich
      • / Another viewpoint
      • X Denies personal God


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