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  • euthanasia
    • christianity
      • taking a life is interfering with god's plan, comparable to murder
        • murder is forbidden in the ten commandments
      • open to abuse - people may feel pressurised to ask for it
      • euthanasia is against the sanctitiy of life and only god has the right to take away life at a chosen time
      • "euthanasia and assisted suicide should not, however, be considered acceptable responses. they undermine human dignity and are morally wrong"
      • suffering brings people closer to god and helps them to understand the suffering of jesus
        • god wouldn't give any more suffering than they can endure
      • some christians do support euthanasia and believe that the drugs used to end a life are god-given
        • using them is the most loving thing to do
          • "blessed are the mericful"
      • god has given people free will so they can choose when to end their lives
      • life is sacred and a gift
    • islam
      • euthanasia is not included among the reasons allowed for killing in Islam
        • "do not kill each other, for god is merciful to you"
      • they believe in the sanctity of life - it is a gift and should be valued and looked after
        • "do not take life, which god has made sacred, except by right"
      • if someone is suffering, there is a reason - testing faith or providing an opportunity for someone else to help
        • "verily after suffering comes ease"
      • euthanasia is haram
      • ending a life prematurely is going against gods will because he has planned every person's life
        • "no soul may die except with god's permission at a predestined time"


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