Effects of the Treaty of Versailles


Territory (1) Alsace Lorraine

Alsace Lorraine was returned to France

(It was taken away by Germany after the war of 1870

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Territory (2) The Saar

Part of Germany called The Saar was taken and given to France for 15 years

After this time, a plebiscite took place and they decided where they wanted to belong to

*Plebiscite- a vote of the people 

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Territory (3) The Rhine

The Rhine- an area of Germany between Germany and France

The right was occupied by Allies

A 50km ***** on the left was demilitaried, a buffer zone... this meant NO FORTS, ARMY BASES, SOLDIERS OR WEAPONS ALLOWED 

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Territory (4) Polish Corridor

Polish was made an independent country

It was given a corridor to the Baltic Sea

This 'Polish Corridor' cut off East Prussia from the rest of Germany 

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Territory (7) Cezechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia was made an independent state

It used to be part of Austria Hungary 

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Territory (8) Austria and Hungary

Austria and Hungary became two separate countries

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Territory (9) Yugoslavia

New independent country- made form a much enlarged Serbia

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Arms (1) German Army

Cut down to 100,000 men- stop them posing a threat

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Arms (2) Weapons

All of Germany's wartime guns and weapons were to be melted down as scrap metal

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Arms (3) Navy

The Navy was to be cut down to 36 ships and Germany was not allowed to have any submarines in the future, because of what happened in the naval arms race

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Arms (4) Air force

Germany was not allowed to have an air force

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Arms (5) Austria

Germany was forbidden to make an alliance with Austria again

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Germany had to pay reparations to the Allies

This was to compensate for their losses, this was later fixed at 6,600 million 

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Germany and Turkey had all their former colonies taken away from them

They were given to other countries as mandates

Mandates meant that the countries which recieved them had to agree to lead them eventually to independence

The League of Nations made sure they were looked after properly 

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The German Empire

Tanganyika was given to Britain

Cameroons to France

South-West Africa to South Africa

Pacific Islands to Japan 

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The Turkish Empire

Palestine, Jordan, Iraq to Britain

Syria and Lebananon to France 

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Article 231 of the treaty- Germany had to accept total blame for the war

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