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3 types of rocks

There are 3 rock types




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Rocks which are formed from the cooling and soldifying of magma, are said to be IGNEOUS.

-This cooling may take place quickly on the Earths surface, such as in a volcano, which case the rock is said to be EXTRUSIVE BASALT.

-The colling can take place slowly inside the Earths crust, in which case the rock is said to be INTRUSIVE GRANITE.

-These rocks usually contain randomly arranges interlocking CRYSTALS and are usually VERY HARD.

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Some rocks are formed when layers of small particles collect on the sea bed and have the WATER squeezed out of them. The particles become cemented together by mineral salts.

-These rocks are sedimentry


-Example is sandstone.

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-Mountain bulding processes often force rocks deep underground close to magma, where they are subjected to EXTREAMLY HIGH tempretures and PRESSURE, causing their structure to change without melting 

-These rocks are usually very hard and contain crystals often in bands.

-An example is Marble, which is formed through limestone.

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