Education- Ethnicity

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  • Ethnicity
    • Outside School
      • Ethnic minorities poverty
        • 73% Pakistanis and Bangladeshis below poverty line
        • Afro-Caribbean single parent
      • Cultural deprevation
        • Mainstream culture responsible
          • Negative self image/ low self esteem
      • Strand (2007) Indian and Chinese self improvement
      • Murray: Afro Carribean lack of male influence
        • Gang loyalty, hyper-masculinity and material rewards
      • Racism
        • Inherent in British Society
          • Lack of ethnic minorities in power structures
            • low paid unskilled work
    • In School
      • Institutional Racism
        • Policies and classroom practices may be discriminating
        • Gillborn and Mirza: Enthnocentric curriculum
          • Lack of ethnic minority role models
          • Textbooks focus on white people
      • Teachers Racism and Labelling
        • Gillborn and Youdell (2000)
          • Twice as many white leave with 5A*-C
          • Openly racist teachers rare
          • Black more likely to misbehave
          • Moost bllack feel disadvantaged
      • Pupil responses
        • Children reject culture
        • Anti-school subculture may develop
        • Fuller: Work hard and prove worth
    • Setting and Streaming
      • Mitos (2003) Education system expects blacks to faiil
      • Black treated more harshly than black
        • lower teacher expectations


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