Internal factors of ethnicity and education

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  • Ethnicity and education - internal factors
    • Labelling and teacher racism
      • Black pupils and discipline
        • Gillborn & Youdell (2000) - racialised expectations
          • Teachers were quicker to discipline black pupils than others for the same behaviour
          • Conflict comes from teachers' racist stereotypes, not the pupils' behaviour
        • Bourne (1994)
          • Black boys being seen as a threat leads to exclusion
            • Only 1/5 of excluded pupils achieve 5 GCSEs
      • Black pupils and streaming
        • Educational triage
          • Seen as hopeless cases, so put in lower streams
        • Stereotypes about blacks behaving badly puts them in lower streams
          • Self-fulfilling prophecy
            • Start to believe that they're not clever or capable
      • Asian pupils
        • Seen as a passive, not ideal pupil
          • Asian girls are marginalised
            • Pushed to the edges and prevented from participating fully
        • Teachers assume that they have a poor grasp of English
          • Excluded from class discussions
          • Misprounounced their names
            • Feeling of isolation and disapproval
    • Pupil identities
      • Chinese pupils
        • Archer (2007)-negative, positive stereotype
          • Seen as achieving in the wrong way
            • Seen as over achievement
          • Seen as passive- middle-class
      • Archer (2008)-identified 3 types
        • The ideal pupil identity
          • Achieves in the right way-natural ability
        • The pathogolised pupil identity
          • Slogger who succeeds through hard work, not natural ability
        • The demonised pupil identity
          • Unintelligent, peer-led, culturally deprived underachiever
    • Pupil responses and subcultures
      • Fuller and Mac an Ghaill: rejecting negative labels
        • Study of black girls in year 11 in a London comprehensive
          • Pro education, but anti school
            • Didn't seek teacher approval- saw them as racists
            • Didn't limit their social groups
      • Sewell: the variety of boys' responses
        • 4 reponses
          • The rebels
            • Anti-school
          • The conformists
            • Keen to succeed- avoided stereotypes
          • The retreatists
            • Disconnected from all
          • The innovators
            • Anti-school, but pro-edcuation
      • Mirza: failing strategies for avoiding racism
        • Teachers discouraged ambition
        • 3 teacher identities
          • Colour blind: all equal but allowed racism to continue
          • Liberal chauvinists: saw blacks as culturally deprived- lower expectations
          • Over racists: blacks are inferior-actively discriminate
        • Trying to avoid these teachers resulted in lower opportunities


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