Ethnicity + crime and deviance

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  • Ethnicity and crime
    • INTRO- 2008 MOJ- males from AC heritage likely 2 be arrested 4 robbery-> likely to be cautioned males from pakistani and bangladeshi twice as likely to be stopped+ searched and recieve sentence if found gulity
      • 2007- OS 26% of males from UK prisons= black = pattern emerging since 1970s
        • Hall et al: examined moral panic- popular media to be stereotypical reporting black young males as muggers media created role of 'folk devil' - label as a form of scare tactic
          • Hall et al argues there was a collapse in the UK economy and a collapse in capitalist ideals resulting in political unrest- rejected view that panic was inevitablefootpads and garroters committed violent street crimes similar to modern mugger - crisis of hegemony- bourgeoisie used media to persuade working class that state was protecting them from muggers in order to hide economic crisis
            • Media based their reports on police briefings - moral panic justififed increased no of police on street acting in repressive manner to young AC males
              • Hall et al critisized:for not researching motives and thinking of young AC males. - association between criminality and black youth made by police and media has continued for 25 yrs so it is unlikely that this can be explained by crisis of capitalism unless it has continues since 1970
                • Downes and Rock- hall et al findings are inconsistent as they claim black malee street crime was not rising but equally it was rising because on unemployment
  • Bowling and Phillips argue higher levels of robbery could be the product of labelling arising from stereotypes due to regular stop and search in 1984- labelling = self fulfilling prophecy Officers hold negative stereotypes about ethinict minorities= deliberate stop and search
    • Stop and search implemented by govenment to reduce high crime rate - High incidence of stop and search amongst black and asian led to police prejuice and racism
      • Distinguish between high and low discretion- LOW discretion stops police act on relevant information e.g. victim's description HIGH discretion police act without specific intelligence - stereotypes and discrimination can occur in these stops Stereotypes endorsed by canteen culture and reflect police perception in ethinic differences
        • Reiner- canteen culture amongst police= macho values, stereotypes and mistrust from those of non white backgrounds - any system of inequality based on race occur in institutions : govenment bodies, police and universities
          • Macpherson report- higlighted implementation of stop and search process, critisized after inquiry into death of young black teenager Stephen Lawrence Macpherson- police mishandles investigation due to their own views, beliefs and conduct of their investigation - marred by professional incompetence and institutionalised racism
            • Holdaway- police held stereotypical views on criminality of AC youths which led the poilce to justify their stop and search , by 2000 men from black backgrounds were still more likely to be stopped and searched despite the stephen lawrence cased which highlighted institutionalised racism
              • Hood's study found in the west midlands crown court in 1989 black males have a 17% chance of receiving a custodial sentance than whites with the same conviction
    • Gilroy agreed that young blacks are targeted by the media but black crime was different in a context of continuous anti colonial stuggles- black crime and deviance political and revolutionary response to inequality and discrimination - Rastafarianism contains a set of revolutionary political ideas about overthrowing white authority followers tend to be confronted by police for marijuana use Resultant riots in southall were a structral conflict between marginalised groups and systems.- gilroy- crime is a political conflict and a political act rejected the view that blacks resort to crime due to poor socialisation and said ethinic minorities defend themselves against an unjust society


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