eternal and personal?

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    • god is the creator = outside of time. he must be greater than the physical world in order to create it.
      • but how can he also be a personal god as seen within Christianity
    • evidence in bible that god has no end: but you are the same and your years have no end- psalm 102:27
      • but there are also examples of god acting in the world: God helps Joshua defeat the city of Ai
      • God has also been experienced by humans via miracles/ revelations/ religious experience suggesting he acts in time
      • language in the bible represents the way people describe their experience of god - by using personal language
        • symbolic: god is anthropomorphised in order for humans to understand him
    • if god is unable to interact with the world how is he able to be omnibenevolent and respond to his people? how can he answer prayers?
      • God is all loving: he sustains creation for people and is able to do so changelessly
        • changelessly wills good for people reflecting his love
      • god and answering prayers: Aquinas- advocates the theory that prayers are are about making requests- they are about being aware of god's activity in the world either through primary/ secondary agencies


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