Unseen Poetry

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  • Responding to Unseen Poetry
    • Language
      • Voice and addresse
        • Is it the poet themselves?
        • To someone specific or an interior monologue?
      • Tone and style
      • Sounds
        • Assonance- identical consonants with different vowels (e.g. killed, cold, culled )
        • Plosive- t, k, p sounds
        • Fricative- f, th - sometimes hard and jarring
        • Sibilance- s sounds, can be calming or sinister
        • Rhyme
        • Chiasmus- repeated but reversed refrain e.g. in Grecian Urn
        • Alliteration
      • Imagery
        • Similes and metephors
      • Word patterns
        • Anaphora
        • Tricolon
    • Form
      • What is the poem about
      • How does the verse look on the page?
        • End stop lines
        • Enjambment
        • Caesura
      • Tense and significance of changes in tense
    • Themes
      • Key images/ semantic fields
      • Figurative language
      • Use of the senses
    • Rhythm
      • Free verse or structured?
      • Beats per line
        • Iambic- short syllable then long syllable
        • Trochaic- x4 long syllable followed by short
        • Spondee- 2 long stressed syllables




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