Areas soft and hard engineering

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  • Areas of Hard and Soft engineering
    • Hard (LYME REGIS)
      • Benefits
        • more sand and shingle on beach
        • new promenade
        • increased shelter on harbour
        • improved ramp acess
        • relandscaped
        • access along beach at all times of year.
      • Schemes
        • Lots of different schemes. £33 million
        • 1 - east town sea defences & improved sewage system. (combined with storm water)
          • £1.4 million
        • 2 - protect foreshore from sea (sea wall) and stabalize land behind (concrete underneath)
          • £17 million
        • high cost benefit analysis although money now cant be spend elsewhere. Places to west affected however sparsely populated
      • Potential management
        • Little potential with constantly rising sea levels defences with continue to struggle to cope.
      • Benefits
        • Thousands new salt marshes
        • new eco-systems
        • Pressure reduced from sea wall
      • Schemes
        • Sustainable approach to blackwater estuary
        • sea wall along saltwater onto land
        • Managed retreat
        • two countr walls to protect neighboring land
      • Potential management
        • Provides good grounds for future
        • Stabalizes other sea defences as trapped sediment = less erosion


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