Epithelial Cells/Tissue

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  • Epithelial Cells
    • How to classify them?
      • 3 main criteria:         1) How many layers of cell? 2)What is the cell shape?   3) Any specializations on the free surface? (e.g. cilia)
    • How many layers?
      • One layer: simple epithelium
      • Two or more layers: stratified epithelium
    • Simple squamous epithelium
      • Location: Air sacs and the lining of the heart, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels.
      • Function: Allows materials to pass through by diffusion and filtration, and secretes lubricating substances.
    • Simple columnar/ ciliated epitherlium
      • Location: Ciliated tissues are in bronchi, uterine tubes and uterus; smooth (non-ciliated) are in the digestive tract, bladder.
      • Function: Absorbs; goblet cells within secrete mucus and the cilia move it around.


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