episodic and semantic memory- case study evidence

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  • Discuss what patient case studies have told us about declarative memory
    • What they havent told us
      • Other methods e.g. FMRI
        • Platel (2002)- Music. EM-> medial and superior frontal gyrus and precuneus. SM-> medial and orbital frontal cortex, L angular gyrus and L middle temporal gyrus
        • Burianova (2010)- seed areas for EM and SM. L Hippocampus, L Lingual gyrus and R cuadate nucleus
        • SPI model- serial encoding, parallel storage, independent retrieval
      • Limited exposure: generalisability, dated, not pure damage, not telling us about interactions
    • What they have told us
      • EM linked to hippocampus
        • Spiers (2001)- 147 cases of hippocampal amnesia. EM impaired in all
        • Vargha- Khadem (1997)- bilateral hippocampal damage  in 3 young amnesics
        • Tulving (2002)- K.C- bilateral hippocampal lesions. Assymetrical retrograde amnesia- EM impaired
      • SM linked to temporal lobes
        • De Renzi (1987)- LP. anteromedial TL damage. Impaired SM
        • Yasuda et al (1997)- MN. Bilaterial lesions in TL. Impaired SM
        • Semantic dementia- degeneration of anterolateral TL.Damage to SM
        • Warrington (1974)- 3 patients with diffuse cerebral lesions. Knowledge of objects and words impaired
      • The effects of MTL damage
        • Verfaellie (2000)- **. Extensive damage to MTL inc. hippocampus, amygdala, entorhinal and perirhinal cortices- unable to acquire new SM
        • Verfaellie et al (2000)- P.S. Anxoia with selective hippocampal amnesia- could acquire some new semantic info


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