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  • English Notes
    • Letter
      • Formal
        • Dear Sir or Madam is the safest to use
        • Your Address top right hand corner
        • Yours sincerely, Yours Faithfully
      • Informal
        • Dear, Hello, Hey. From, Love
    • Leflet
      • DO NOT draw pictures!. Draw and box and write : Picture to show, table to show, graph to show..
      • Box in your text
      • Use Bullet in one or two text boxes
      • Catchy title
    • Report
      • Headings and sub headings
      • Title (Heading) A Report to .. or a report concerning ..
    • Review
      • Headings and Sub headings, Use a question
    • Structure
      • 3-4 Main body paragraphs, also an introduction and conclusion
      • Start with a welcoming such as (Dear) and close with a greeting
      • Anecdote
      • Fact, Opinion, Repetition,
      • Exaggeration, Statistic, Triplets
    • Speech
      • Write as if your going to talk or present to a class or who ever your target is
    • Article
      • Cathy title
      • Title top center
      • Underneath title, Written by, or by .. (center)


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