English Basic Skills

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  • English basic skills
    • Plan
      • set out paragraphs with the key ideas
      • include the intro and conclusion in plan
      • show how it links to the question
      • NOTE FORM
    • PEED
      • Develop – what is the effect on reader, intention, link to another part of the text or giving your own opinion. 
      • Explain – how does it back up the point (x interests the reader by z)
      • Example – use something from the text (make sure it’s in the line range)
      • Point – how does it answer the question (x does y to interest the reader)
    • Explaining words
      • This signifies that...
      • This highlights the fact that...
      • This image reflects...
      • This is reminiscent of...
      • Furthermore...
      • This continues the idea of...
      • a metaphor is used to equate the...
      • this is further emphasised...
      • sustaining the attitude...
      • enhanced through phrases
    • Linking Words
      • However
      • In contrast
      • On the other hand
      • Equally
      • In the same way
      • In addition
      • Alternatively
      • Conversly
    • Tips
      • don't use same word from question when describing. Synonyms
      • copy quotes correctly if you are given the extract
      • you can have different points linking to an overriding theme
      • use words like seemgly to show that you have thought about a grater meaning


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