Dracula: themes and quotes and everything inbetween

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Which quote was used in Christopher Craft's famous essay as the title?
'Kiss me with those red lips.'
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What over arching theme can every other theme link to in some way?
East Vs. West.
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What do the female vampires represent?
The fear of aggressive female sexuality.
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What quote sums up the science vs. superstition theme the best?
'Ah, it is the fault of our science that wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain.'
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What quote sums up the sublime and mystery vs. the new scientific world?
'Unless my senses deceive me, the old centuries had, and have, powers of their own which mere modernity cannot kill.'
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Who is the author of 'This man belongs to me!': Edward Carpenter, Dracula, and Premature Sexuality?
Will Parshley
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What is the overall representation of women in Dracula?
Weak things that need to be protected by a man, even Mina who is seen to be one of the most capable people in the book is stopped from knowing anything further about the crew of light's plans for Dracula in Chapter 19.
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What was the role of Renfield?
To highlight how science does not always work. An 'insane' man understands the mysterious in the universe, whilst the 'sane' doctors do not.
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What can Dracula turn into (not an animal) and how does this link with the gothic?
Mist - the gothic uses its setting as a character in itself.
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What type of novel is Dracula?
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What is the technique the Stoker uses to make the novel seem more realistic?
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What quote demonstrates English imperialism in Europe?
'it seems to me that that the further East you go the more unpunctual the trains are. What ought they to be in China?' Gee not patronising at all there Stoker.
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What could be inferred by Quincy Morris being killed by, and killing Dracula.
The ultimate East and the ultimate West cancelling each other out.
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How would a postcolonial writer interprete Dracula?
Some could say the Dracula is a anti-colonial force, as he infects that transforms those who have infected his land with their imperialism.
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When does Harker demonstrate the gothic trope of the labyrinth in a quote?
'In no place save from the windows in the castle walls is there an available exit. The castle is a veritable prison, and I am a prisoner!'
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What is the difference between terror and horror?
Terror is the fear before the event, horror is the physical and sensory feeling when experiencing the event.
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What did Stephen king add that can also happen in the gothic, other than terror and horror?
Revulsion. - Danse Macabre, 1981
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For a post-colonial theorist why would Dracula want to come to Britain?
Because Transylvania was under intense racial conflict at the time, and to many British authors at the end of the 19th century it seemed like their racial prestige was ending with the failing of the empire.
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What was the significance of the New Woman in Dracula?
Mina is both the traditional woman and the New Woman. This demonstrates that changing tide that many women, while sticking to some traditional traits could branch out and have more independence from men. Mina has a job for instance.
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Why could Dracula be called a meta-fiction?
because it is a book within a book that you read.
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What can the blood transfusions imply?
The ahem* other bodily fluids entering Lucy,transforming her from a sweet woman into an unchaste creature of the night, as she is then a 'polyandrist'.
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What would a queer theorist might think about Holmwood's and Van Helsing's relationship?
That they are the opposite of Dracula's an Harker's relationship, where the teacher has taken advantage of the student. Van Helsing, while showing interest, does not 'corrupt' his pupil.
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What is the defining moment where Lucy is seen to be sexually evil?
'Come to me, Arthur. Leave these others and come to me. My arms are hungry for you. Come, and we can rest together. Come, my husband, come!'
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Why does Lucy feel that 'Arthur feels very, very close to me. I seem to feel his presence warm about me.'
Because Arthur has just given her his blood, and therefore this is carrying on the Christian ideal that the blood was the essence of a person.
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What does Van Helsing do that links with the theme of infection to keep Dracula out of his earth boxes.
'sterilize' it. - 'We must sterilize this earth, so sacred of holy memories, that he has brought from a far distant land for such fell use. He has chosen this earth because it has been holy.' - also links with the perversion of Christianity.
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What over arching theme can every other theme link to in some way?


East Vs. West.

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What do the female vampires represent?


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What quote sums up the science vs. superstition theme the best?


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What quote sums up the sublime and mystery vs. the new scientific world?


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