english poems

these cards are about poetery to get higher marks for the exam

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make sure  you use CLISM

C- content =  what is the poem about?

L-language= what language features are used?

I- imagery = do any words create an image in your head?

S- structure =is your peom in free verse? stanzas? how many?

M- message = does the poem have a meaning?

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 Always make sure you use PEA for your paragraphs.

  • Nature fighting back

"fighting back  about the same ground"

  • humans cutting natures life

"splintted weapons"

  • nature and humans will always grow

"their sons appear stiff with weapons"

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break of day in the trenches

  • war fighting  againist  our own kind.

" now  you have touched  this english hand"

  •  poppies grow from  the blood of humans

"poppies whose roots are in mans vieins"

  • nature  mocks men

" a queer  sardenic rat" 


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 back of day in the trenches

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roe deer

  • nature cant work with us becuase we wont let it.

"secret deerhood clear on my show vision "

  •  nature has become allien like.

" to remember the password and sign"

  •  poems show that ted doesnt understand the deer.

" shows screen  visions of the abnormal"

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a blade of grass

  •  the blade of grass is a symbol of affection

" dressed itself  in frost"

  •  you dont always need to give presents to show someone you love them.

" i write you a tradgey about now a blade of grass is hard to accept "


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  •  there is a war between humans and nature

" green spears"

  •  we cant protect are loved ones  from everyday danger

"my son would often feel sharp wounds again"

  • we are willing  to prefrom  acts of volience  to protect the people we love
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keeping orchids

  • families arent always perfect and you always  need to work  things out.

"some buds remain closed as secrets"

  • cutting people out is not always a good thing.

"cutting the stem with a sharpe knife"

  •  the poem has a strong image  of heart break.

" compressed airtight."

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 keeping orchids

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