Energy and Environment

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  • Energy and Environment
    • Fossil Fuel Problems
      • When we burn coal, oil or gas greenhouse gases are released = Global Warming.
      • Also produces Sulphur Dioxide
      • Fossil Fuels are Finite and non-renewable. Eventually we will run out.
      • Carbon Capture could aid CO2 emission.
    • Nuclear Power
      • No greenhouse gases
      • Much more energy released from each kg of fuel.
      • Contains radioactive waste
      • Plant explosions could lead to deposit of Radioactive waste.
    • Renewable Energy Sources
      • They wont ever run out
        • No G/house Gases or Acid Rain
      • They don't create Radioactive Waste products
      • They can be used where the National Grid cannot be used (in remote areas)
      • Wind Turbines emit noise pollution and can be irritating to people living nearby
      • Tidal barrages affect habitats of creatures and estuaries
        • Hydroelectric need large resevoirs of water which can also affect plant and animal life.
      • Solar Cells need to cover large areas of land to make a large amount of electricity.


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