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  • Energy
    • Haber Process
      • Process where Ammonia is formed in the presence of Iron
    • Hydrogenation
      • Hydrogenation is a reduction reaction which results in an addition of Hydrogen
    • Polymers
      • A long molecular chain built up from monomer units.
    • Catalysts
      • Homogenus
        • The catalyst and reactants are in the same physical state
      • Heterogenus
        • The catalyst has a different physical state from the reactant.
    • Enzymes
      • Lock and Key Mechanism
      • Conditions
        • PH varies depending on the enzyme
        • 40ºC
    • Enthalpy Change
      • (standard) enthalpy change of combustion, ?Hc
        • One mole of a substance completely reacted with oxygen
      • (standard) enthalpy change of formation, ?Hf
        • One mole of compound formed from its consistent elementts
      • (standard) enthalpy change of reaction, ?Hr
        • Elements and products of different molar quantities are reacted
    • Hess's Law
      • The total enthalpy change of a reaction is independent of the route taken
    • Standard State
      • The physical state of a substance under the standard conditions of 100 kPa (1 atmosphere) and 298 K (25 °C).


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