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  • Ozone
    • Chloromethane and bromomethane
      • Both formed naturally from the oceans and forest fires.
      • Most of these chemicals react and get used up in the troposphere, but some reach the stratosphere
      • They can both then absorb UV radiation and split to form radicals.
      • CH3Cl -> CH3 + Cl
        • Cl + O3 -> ClO + O2
          • ClO + O -> Cl + O2
    • The hole in the ozone layer
      • Globally, measured concentrations of ozone are lower than expected.
      • This suggests that ozone is being destroyed more quickly than it is being formed.
      • Other reactions can destroy the ozone layer.
      • Br radicals are about 150, 000 times more effective at destroying ozone than oxygen radicals.
      • This means that the rate of destruction of ozone can be massively increased by very small concentrations of some pollutants.
    • The overall (net) effect
      • UV radiation is absorbed in the stratosphere and heat energy is released into the stratosphere.
      • This causes the stratosphere to warm up.
      • Nature always finds a balance
      • In the past, the rate of formation of ozone was the same as the rate of destruction of ozone.
      • This meant that the concentration of ozone remained constant.
      • This is called steady state.


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