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The first ionisation energy is a measure of how easily an atom loses its first
electron from its outer shell. There a few factors that influences the
ionisation energy.
· The greater the atomic radius, the smaller the nuclear attraction
experience by the outer electrons
· The greater the nuclear charge, the greater the attractive force on the
outer electrons
· Electron Shielding/Screening is when the inner-shells electrons repel the
outer-shell electrons. This more inner shells there are, the larger the
shielding effect and the smaller the nuclear attraction experienced by the
outer electrons.
Successive ionisation energies are a measure of the energy required to
remove each electron in turn.
· Each successive ionisation energy is larger than the one before.
· As each electron is removed, there is less repulsion between the electrons
and each shell will be drawn in to be slightly loser to the nucleus.
· As the distance of each electron from the nucleus decreases slightly, the
nuclear attraction increases. More ionisation energy is needed to remove
each successive electron.…read more


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