Enabling Act

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  • 1933 20 July Enabling Act
    • Served as a the legal basis for a totalitarian state/Hitlerite Dictatorship
      • At the exclusion of political parties and trade union organizations
    • It was said to be the 'remedy for the distress of the People and State (Reich)
    • The passing of the Enabling Act was based on a 'veneer' (superficial polish) of illegality.
      • Reichstag voted into existence. EA passed = NO KPD + Nationalists voted for NP + CCP were in agreement with Hitler!
        • Compromise and intimidation w/other groups
    • The Enabling Act (on the surface) went through a process of democracy; Nazi P. gained respectability from middle class and elites, who they appealed to and support  was VITAL
    • Enabled Hitler  to become dictator and not have to consult the Reichstag in passing laws + legislations
    • Enabled Nazi P. to focus on creating the national community through the beginning of the Nazification of some sections in society (Gleichschaltung) + prepare population for world domination (Thousand Year Reich)


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