Emissions and Absorption Spectra

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  • Frequency and Wavelength are are inversely proportional
    • speed of light = frequency (f) x wavelength (y)
    • Emissions and Absorption Spectra
      • EMISSIONS- seen as coloured lines
        • Atoms are given energy through heating or by an electrical field
          • Electrons become 'excited'  and are promoted to a higher energy level
            • When the energy source is removed, the electrons fall back to a lower energy level - energy released is lost a a photon (unit of light) with a specific frequency
        • Hydrogen only has one electron, so gives the simplest spectrum
        • As the frequency increases, the lines get closer together because the energy difference between the shells decreases.
        • Measuring the converging frequency (difference from n=1 to n=infinity allows the ionisation to be calculated using E=hf


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