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1.2 Elements of Life

Spectroscopy ­ The study of how light and matter interact, based of the principle that under certain
conditions, a substance can absorb or emit electromagnetic radiation

Absorption Spectra Emission Spectra

Absorption Spectra ­ Coloured background, dark lines
Emission Spectra ­ Black background, coloured likes

Wave theory…

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Particle Theory

Light is regarded as a stream of tiny energy packets called photons
The energy of a photon relates to its position on the electromagnetic spectrum

Bohr's theory
The electrons in an atom exist only in certain definite energy levels/electron shells/quanta
When an atom is excited, its electrons jump…

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Flame tests

Ion Colour Picture

Li+ Bright Red

Na +


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Ca2+ Brick Red

Ba2+ Apple Green

Cu 2+
Blue Green


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