Elizabeth's Character and Strengths

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  • Virgin Queen: Character and Strengths
    • Well educated
      • Spoke Greek, Latin, French and Italian
    • Resilient
      • Spent time in the tower having been accused of treason by her sister Mary I
        • Facing possible execution
      • Could cope with the pressures of being queen
        • She could claim the Divine right with conviction
    • Confident and charasmatic
      • Enabled her to win over her subjects and command support in parliament
        • Excellent grasp of politics
        • Used her powers of patronage (giving titles and land to supporters) effectively
    • Elizabeth liked to project that even though she was female, she was no ordinary woman
      • She argued that she did not need to marry and could govern England on her own
        • Presented herself as a strong, legitimate, popular monarch and a 'Virgin Queen' - married to her country


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