The Virgin Queen

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  • The Virgin Queen
    • Legitimacy
      • her father ha divorced his first wife to marry her mother, therefore people doubted her legitimacy.
        • committed Catholics refused to acknowledge her legitimacy as the pope had not agreed with her father and his first wife's divorce.
    • Gender and marriage
      • the christian religion taught that women are inferior to men and so it was difficult for some to accept that they had a women monarch .
        • considered not physically, mentally or emotionally capable of governing.
      • many believed that Elizabeth should marry.
        • she had no intentions of doing so.
      • The previous queen Mary's rule had been very unpopular/ unsuccessful and so some people were hesitant about Elizabeth reign
    • Character and strengths
      • highly intelligent and well educated, with an eye for detail and an excellent grasp for politics
      • she understood the dangerous world of court politics
      • confident and charismatic, able to make great speches to win over her subjects, though she was feared for her bad temper


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