Elizabethan Government, 1563-1603

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  • Elizabeth: Government
    • Royal Court
    • Role of Ministers
    • Factional Rivalry
      • Structure of Government helped prevent it from getting out of hand
      • No single minister had complete control over patronage
      • Influential families in council balanced each other
      • Boleyn relatives in senior ranks of Crown service
      • Parrs along with close connections featured strongly
      • Earl of Leicester and Cecil disagreed about the Queen's potential marriage - tended to cooperate
      • Coherence of government declined
        • Clashes between Cecil and Essex
        • Essex Rebellion (1601)
          • Strong council members died
          • Essex planned an armed coup to bring down Cecil
          • Essex forced to surrender - tried and executed
          • Incompetent and lacked judgement
          • Elizabeth and Cecil became unpopular
    • Parliament
      • Granting Taxation
        • 13 parliamentary sessions. 2 asked to grant revenue
        • Distinction between ordinary and extraordinary lost during Henry VIII
      • Law Making
        • 438 Acts passed
          • Act of Supremacy (1559)
          • Act of Uniformity (1559)
          • Penal laws against Catholics
          • Acts of 1598 and 1601 addressing poor relief
      • Giving Advice
        • Not interested in listening to advice from MPs
      • Managing Parliament
      • The Golden Speech
      • Less important


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