SEM and TEM advantages and disadvantages ( microscopy)

This is a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of the SEM and TEM, for the as level, aqa unit 1, specification 

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  • Electron Miscroscopes
    • SEM (Scanning Electron Miscroscope)
      • Disadvantages
        • Specimen must be conductive
        • specimen preparation can produce aretfacts
        • The resolution is not as good  as the TEM
      • Advantages
        • Easy to use
        • Sample can be seen as a 3D image
        • Sample can be any thickness
    • TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope)
      • Advantages
        • Really good magnification 5,000,000x
        • Possible to investigate into a greater depth of field
        • Better resolution than the SEM which only  has a resolution of 2nm and the TEM has a resolution of 0.2nm
      • Disadvantages
        • Expensive and time consuming
        • Have to have a really thin layer
        • Images are in black and white


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