El Nino and La Nina


El Nino0 el nino is changes in the circulation linked with changes in atmospheric process opposite to normal. El Nino is referred to a weak, warm current annually around Christmas in Peru. 

La Nina- La Nina refers to an anomaly of unusall cold sea surface temperatures ound in the eastern tropical pacific. 


Strong trade winds move warm surface ocean temperatures from East to West

Deeper curen tempeaures decrease

South America arid/;dry

Drought like conditions 

Austrailia- seasonal rainfall potential for some flooding 

Peru-humbolt current is the upwelling of cold water. In the east cooler conditions because of high pressure ai is fallin. Whereas in the west air rises cools and condenses so high pressure at altitude. 


Weaken trade winds move from east to wes results in an even surface ocean temperature. This results in suppressed Peru Hmbolt curent. In the East air rises cools and condenses causes it rains. There is high pressure at altlitude so igh pressure in the west. 

In the East low pressure systems results in heavy perceiptation and prolonged percipitation. This is because the ground is normally hard therefore increase surface run off. This results in flooding which results in loss of livelhood, malnutriution, decrease food security, crop faliure, fatality/morality and loss of biodiversity. 

In the Wesat air is falling therefore high pressure systems resul in drought…


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