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    • Factors Which caused Progress.
      • The River Nile: Made Egyptian farmland good for growing crops
      • Wealth: Egyptians Sold their crops to become wealthy
      • Writing: Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics on papyrus.
      • Trade: Egyptians build ships and used them to buy or sell to other countries.
      • Religion: Egyptians believed in many gods and the idea of life and death.
    • Medical Progress Made by Egyptians.
      • Specialist Doctors: Wealthy egyptians, had enough money for private doctors specialised in specific part the body.
      • Bronze tools: Tools for minor surgery
      • Herbal Remedies: Bought from other countries - collection made.
      • Written Records: Symptoms and cures were recorded.
      • Knowledge of the body through embalming.
      • Channels theory: First natural explanation of why the body got sick.
    • Egyptian Surgery.
      • Simple Surgery
        • Broken nose
        • Bandaging.
      • Bronze tools: Better than prehistoric. (Sharper + more accurate.)
      • Unable to stop pain + Infection.
    • Explanation of Disease.
      • Gods: Sekhmet brings life and death.
      • The channel theory.
        • Channels inside body get blocked: Become sick.
        • Incorrect.
        • First natural explanation of disease.
    • Relegion And Embalming.
      • Embalmed for religious reasons.
      • Embalming let them remove organs and preserve them.
        • Improved knowledge of the body, they knew where organs were.
      • Hindered Medical knowledge.
        • Could not remove Heart: Did not know what it did.
    • Egyptian Cures:
      • Natural treatments.
        • Honey + Garlic.
        • Herbal remedies.
        • Animal Bones.
      • Supernatural treatments.
        • Prayer
        • Magic Charms
        • Spells.


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