Effects of Stress

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  • Stress and  Illness:   Effects of Stress
    • Direct
      • Wear and Tear e.g. heart attack   (things become too much)
        • diseases of viruses, bacteria, fungi
          • Brady '58 Cobb&Rose '73 Friedman& Rosenman '59
      • Suppression of the immune system  (caught something). This is stress and immune system.
        • diseases of organ failure; ulcers, heart problems
          • Riley '81    Schleifer '83  Cohen '93     Kiecolt-Glazer '84
        • Diseases associated with suppresion of the immune system: White Blood Cells; Levocytes, Lymphocytes and T Cell
          • Riley '81  Schleifer et al '83
      • These illnesses can be directly attributed to stress
    • Indirect
      • Sleep issues
      • Unhealthy lifestyle
      • Pathological behaviours/ Pathogenic behaviours e.g. poor diet, smoking, binge drinking etc.
      • Cohen & Williamson '97


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