Effects of exercise

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  • Effects of exercise on the body.
    • What are effects on bones, joints and muscles?
      • Immediate effects.
        • Muscle contraction, increased blood flow to muscles, rise in muscle temperture.
      • Effects of regular training.
        • Increase in bone width and density, Muscles tendons and ligaments get stronger, joints are more stable, Increased flexibility at joints, muscles get bigger, muscle endurance improves.
    • What are the effects on the cardiovascular system?
      • Immediate effects.
        • Increased heart rate, stroke volume, Blood diverted to muscles from digestion and other systems, Blood temperature rises, Blood vessel near skin open to allow heat to be lost.
      • Effects of regular training.
        • Heart muscle increases in size and strength, Cardiac output increases, lower heart resting rate and quicker recovery rate, reduced risk of heart disease
    • What are the effects on the respiratory system?
      • Immediate effects.
        • Increased rate of breathing, Increase in tidal volume
      • Effects of regular training
        • Strength of diaphragm and intercostal muscles, increased number of alveoli, increase in vital capcity, increase of oxygen delivered to the body, and increase of Co2 removed.


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