GCSE PE Revision

Describe what being healthy means (3)
A complete state of social, mental and physical wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease
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What is meant by the term agility giving a suitable example? (2)
The ability to change direction quickly whilst maintaining speed and balance. E.g. dodging around a defender in football
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What is meant by the term reaction time giving a suitable example (2)
The time taken to respond to a stimulus. E.g. a sprinter reacting to the starting gun
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Give 2 reasons which explain why it is important to warm-up before physical activity. (2)
To reduce the risk of injury. Increase body temperature. Increase heart rate. Increase breathing rate. Increase range of movement. For psychological preparation.
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Name 4 functions of the skeleton (4)
Blood cell production. Support. Movement. Protection. Shape.
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Give an example of a: 1)Hinge joint 2) Ball and socket joint 3) Pivot (3)
1) Elbow 2) Shoulder 3) Wrist
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Explain what is meant by the term flexion (2)
Decreasing of the angle at a joint
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Give 2 physical movements when flexion occurs (2)
1) Upward phase of the bicep curl 2) Drawback when kicking a football
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Explain what is meant by the term anaerobic giving a suitable example (3)
Respiration in the absence of oxygen. Glucose-> energy + (lactic acid) E.g. sprinting in the 100m race
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Explain what is meant by the term specificity (2)
A training method which is particularly suited for one particular sport or aspect of fitness
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Explain what is meant by the term overload (2)
Making to body work harder in order to improve by increasing the frequency, intensity and time
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Give 2 advantages of circuit training (2)
Quick and easy to set up 2) Requires little specialist equipment 3) Can focus training on one particular skill
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Give 1 disadvantage of circuit training (2)
Not suitable for only 1 person 2) Possible boredom 3) Someone needs to run the circuit
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What is meant by explosive strength? (1)
Strength used in a short or sharp movement
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Give 2 examples of explosive strength (2)
Sprinter leaving the starting blocks 2) A high jumper taking off
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Explain what is meant by flexibility (2)
Range of movement around a joint
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Explain a physical activity which shows how increased flexibility can improve performance (3)
A sprinter can increase their stride length making them faster and more efficient
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What is meant by fatigue? (2)
Extreme tiredness due to a build up of lactic acid by working for long periods of time
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State the negative effects that fatigue has on performance (2)
Lose concentration, be substituted, make unforced errors, not able to keep up with play
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Identify and explain one way in which ICT can be used to improve performance (2)
Using a digital camera to record and then play back a performance to allow you to analyse technique
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Identify and explain 2 benefits of adapting the official role (4)
Greater knowledge of the rules allows them to play more effectively. When not actively participating they are still able to join in
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Identify and explain 2 benefits of adapting the captain role (4)
Extra responsibility can improve confidence. Encourages building relationships therefore improving teamwork
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Describe 3 advantages which might be gained by hosting a major international competition (3)
1) Financial gain as more money from tourists 2) Better facilities which have to be built for competitions 3) Improved roads which have to be upgraded or provided
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Describe 3 disadvantages of hosting a major international competition (3)
1) May be a target of terrorism 2) Pressure on the host country to do well 3) Can be expensive which leaves a large bill to be paid off
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What is meant by a role model? (1)
Somebody who other people aspire to be like or look up to
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Describe 2 ways in which media can help to give a greater understanding of performance (2)
1) Pundit analysis can highlight good play 2) Replays of good performance highlight good examples of play
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Describe 2 ways in which media coverage may have affected sport (2)
1) Less people attend games as they can watch it on television 2) More participants take up the sports as the profile is raised
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What is meant by etiquette? (2)
The unwritten rules of the game but it is followed out of respect
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What is meant by an amateur sports person? (2)
Only competes part-time and does not get paid
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What is meant by a professional sports person? (2)
Competes as a full-time job and gets paid for competing
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Describe 3 ways in which sponsorship can be provided for a sports performer (3)
1) Can help pay entrance fees to competitions 2) Can pay for better equipment 3) Paying for travel costs
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Describe a sponsorship that may be considered unacceptable and state why (2)
Alcohol firms could encourage underage drinking and alcohol abuse is dangerous
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State 2 reasons why taking part in exercise can improve your health (2)
1) Reduces stress or tensions 2) Improves fitness levels
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Explain how individual differences can affect the amount of exercise that a person may participate in (2)
The ability- higher ability needs to train more. Age- demands different energy levels. Motivation- less motivated performers will do less exercise
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Identify and explain the benefits of adapting the performer role (2)
Learn skills and techniques which improve your performance
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Identify and explain the benefits of adapting the coach role (2)
Can help others to improves which gives the feeling of satisfaction
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Describe 2 ways in which media can have a positive effect on sport (4)
1) Demonstrate good technique which athletes copy to improve standards in the sport 2) Payment for broadcasting rights increases the revenue for the sport
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Describe 1 acceptable type of sponsorship that would be useful a football club (2)
Clothing such as the team kit. Coaches that are specialist to run training sessions.
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Name 2 social groups and explain how they may influence others (4)
Peers- if friends take part you are likely to as well. Family- will encourage participation by providing transport
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Describe how role models affect the levels of participation in a sport (3)
A performer may copy their role model because they enjoy watching their performance therefore they may choose to take part which increases participation
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Explain how teachers can have a positive influence on participation (2)
Offer extra curriculum activities to promote participation in a particular sport. General positive enthusiasm may encourage participation. The playing ability of staff may act as role models
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Explain how school facilities can have. negative effect on participation (2)
Poor or damaged facilities will not encourage students. Lack of facilities prevents participation
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Explain how muscle and bones work together to produce movement (4)
Muscles are attached to bones via tendons. The origin is attached to the bone that doesn't move. Muscles work in antagonistic pairs. The agonist contracts and the other one relaxes (antagonist). Ligaments keep the joint stable
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State 3 ways an amateur performer could obtain funding (3)
1) NGB grants 2) Fundraising 3) Sponsorship deals
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State 3 examples of television programmes that promoter or cover sport (4)
Live Sports Coverage: Ford Super Sunday. Entertainment: Soccer AM. Educational Programmes: Peak Performance
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Identify 3 reasons why the amount of leisure has increased and explain 1 effect this has had on the industry (4)
Technological advancements, shorter working week, people are living longer. Has caused an increased demand for facilities
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Using 5 examples, state how people could make everyday lifestyles more healthy and active (5)
1) Watch less TV 2) Eat a balanced diet 3) Walk instead of getting a lift 4) Take the stairs instead of the escalator 5) Start doing exercise
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Describe a type of competition that will allow maximum participation for 5 teams (2)
Round robin where all teams play each other and all play the same number of games
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Explain how improved levels of explosive strength will help you in a 100m race (3)
Explosive strength when leaving the starting blocks will give an initial burst of speed which will put you in front
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State and describe 3 qualities for an effective coach (6)
1) Good communication to get to point across clearly 2) Motivational to encourage children to do well 3) Good knowledge so you are able to improve the performer
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What is meant by the term anxiety? (1)
Feeling of nervousness
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Explain how anxiety can impact performance (2)
Likely to lose concentration and therefore could make more mistakes
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Describe the advantages that a local company might gain from sponsoring David (3)
Receive tax relief, seen as good will gesture which improves company image, increase revenue, advertising for the company
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Name 3 nutrients that are important in a diet (6)
Carbohydrates to provide energy during training. Protein for growth and repair of muscles after training to decrease recovery time. Water to prevent dehydration
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What is meant by the term static strength? Give an example from a physical activity where a performer uses static strength (2)
Ability of a muscle to exert a force without changing the length. E.g. holding a handstand in gymnastics
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Explain what is meant by the term co-ordination (2)
The ability for 2 or more body parts to synchronise into one effective smooth movement. Eg. a serve in tennis
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State 2 advantages of using weight training to improve fitness (2)
1) Improves muscular strength 2) Improves muscular power 3) Improves muscular endurance
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Describe the relationship between a repetition and a set in weight training (2)
Reps are the number of times an individual action is performed whereas a set is a group of reps. e.g. 12 reps equals 1 set
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What is meant by the term motivation? (1)
The desire to achieve something
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Explain how motivation can be used to improve performance in a physical activity (2)
Focuses the performer which allows the performer to perform more accurately and makes them try harder so they are more likely to succeed
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State what obesity is and how it can be avoided (3)
Obesity is being extremely overweight which can be avoided by eating a balanced diet and taking part in regular exercise
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Explain the negative effects that obesity can have on the body (3)
Increases the strain on the joints which increases the risk of injury. Causes the early onset of fatigue so you give up quicker. Causes high pressure which increases the risk of a heart attack
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Explain how safe practice can reduce the risk of injury when taking part in physical activity (4)
Carry out a warm up so your body is prepared for exercise. Lift equipment by bending at the knees and having a straight back. Carry out a risk assessment to identify potential hazards
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State and describe the themes of the National Healthy Schools Programme (4)
PSHE: making a positive contribution to economic wellbeing. Healthy Eating: give children the knowledge to make healthy food choices. Physical Activity: encourage young people to be physically active. Emotional health and wellbeing: reward policies
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Explain the role of the skeletal system in producing movement of the body (5)
Skeletal system allows movement at a joint. Different joints allow different types of movement e.g. hinge joint allows for flexion and extension. The skeleton provides a point of attachment for muscles as when muscles contract they pull on the bone
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Describe a suitable training method to help train for cross country (2)
Continuous training e.g. running for 30 minutes for an extended period of time at a moderate intensity
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Explain how the knowledge of training zones can help improve performance in cross country running (4)
Is an aerobic activity so would need to go above aerobic threshold which is 60-80% of your MHR for at least 15 minutes resulting in more efficient cardiovascular system so you are able to run more quickly
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Identify and explain three ways in which secondary school may help to improve performance in your favourite activities (6)
Providing PE lessons allows you to develop skill level. Links with local clubs provides more specialist training. Ability to adopt different roles gives a greater understanding of the activity
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Explain how a carbohydrate loading diet could help you to perform better in a fun run (4)
By eating complex carbohydrates e.g. pasta which is a slow release energy source 3 days before it will increase glycogen levels in the liver so you have more energy available when you run. This delays the onset of fatigue to help maintain performance
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Explain the difference between public sector and private sector provision of sports facilities (4)
Public sector are run by local councils and are paid for through taxes. Available to all and not designed to make a profit. Public is run by a business to make a profit and have better facilities but have to pay a membership fee
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Explain how studying GCSE Physical Education may be of benefit to a student who is choosing to follow the career in sport (2)
Sports physiotherapist- GCSE PE covers the skeletal and muscular systems as well as types of injuries
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Identify 5 ways in which schools can encourage healthy eating amongst their students (5)
1) Introduce whole school food policy 2) Traffic light system to identify unhealthy food as red 3) Ban the sale of unhealthy food 4) Rewards for eating healthy options 5) Promote campaigns e.g. 5 a day
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Explain how culture may affect an individual’s participation in physical activity (2)
Some religions do not allow women to wear certain sports kits which may prevent participation in certain activities such as swimming
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Describe 2 ways that would allow individuals with physical disabilities to participate in physical activity (4)
Wider doors to allow wheelchair access. Adapted equipment e.g. balls with bells in for blind football
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State and describe 2 ways in which hosting international events is an advantage for the home performers (4)
Used to the equipment before the event allows them to perform at a higher standard. Used to the climate so their bodies to not have to adapt to different conditions
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Describe 2 ways in which the director of a televised sports event could influence how sport will be seen by viewers (4)
Can show biased highlights which makes one team look like they played better. Can over sensationalise events to give an individual a bad reputation. Selects highlights to make the game seem more exciting
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State and describe 2 programmes that the Youth Sport Trust promotes in order to engage young people in physical education and school sport (4)
Bikeability: gives young people the confidence and skills to cycle. Fit for Girls: increasing physical activity for girls and young women. Sainsbury School Games: local and national competition structure to encourage lifelong participation
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State and describe 1 way in which a shy personality could have a negative effect on performance (2)
Lower level of confidence so you do not want to try difficult techniques. May be nervous performing in front of others which results in mistakes
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State and describe 3 qualities required to be an effective organiser (6)
Planning skills: to set up equipment. Motivational: to encourage children to do well. Communication skills: to make himself understood by all players and officials. Decisive: to think and react quickly
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Describe 1 way in which friends may increase participation (2)
As they are not interested they may encourage you not to train. Praise increases confidence meaning you want to participate more
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Explain how role models can increase performance in sport (4)
Your role models success may encourage you to train harder to achieve a similar standard and you enjoyed watching their performance and copy their technique
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What is meant by the term balance? (2)
Keeping the centre of gravity of the base of support e.g. holding a handstand
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Explain how fatigue may occur (2)
Over exertion, prolonged physical activity, build up of lactic acid
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State how sports qualifications encourage an individual to become involved sport (2)
Level 1 coaching in cricket encourages people to stay involved as a career or if they are injured
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State and describe 3 functions of the blood (6)
Body temperature control: homeostasis using vasoconstriction/dilation Transport: carrying oxygen and nutrients around the body Protection: fights diseases and platelets seal cuts and wounds
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State 5 benefits of taking part in non-competitive activities (5)
General fitness improved, relieves stress, able to complete at any age, social benefits from being with others, general health is improved
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Describe an ectomorph (3)
Narrow hips and shoulders, very little muscle and fat, thin, tall
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Explain 1 advantage of an ectomorph in long distance running (2)
Makes it easier to run because there is very little weight to be carried around
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State 2 physical effects of ageing and explain how these decrease performance in a football match (4)
Oxygen capacity reduces so you become tired quicker so struggle to compete late in games. Flexibility decreases making it difficult to stretch for passes meaning more interceptions. Speed decreases so unable to move around the pitch quickly
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State 2 different types of sponsorship and explain how each could help to improve the players’ performance (6)
Higher quality equipment enables advanced skills to be developed. Footwear improves grip stopping you from slipping. Entry fees allows you to enter more competitions and play at a higher level
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Explain what a closed season is and why it is important (2)
Period of rest to recuperate, players do gentle aerobic exercise to maintain general fitness
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Explain what is pre-season and why it is important (2)
Period leading up to competitions used to increase aerobic fitness using continuous training to build up strength and muscular endurance. Developing technique specific to sport
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Explain what is competition season and why it is important (2)
Taking part in matches, maintenance of fitness levels but not much training as it may cause fatigue which would decrease performance, concentration on skills to improve team performance
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Describe a negative effect which the media can gave (4)
Excess coverage of certain activities may discourage people from going along to see the event. Media might interfere with the timings to cater for the largest numbers of viewers
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State 2 factors that cause obesity (2)
Excessive amounts of food/unbalanced diet. Lack of exercise
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Describe 3 advantages for the individual or school to be gained from participation in exam based courses (6)
Increased knowledge about health and fitness to make better choices e.g. not smoking. Career advancement i.e for a physiotherapist. Raises profile of subject- same status as other exam subjects
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Explain why a sport attracts sponsorship and the advantages which result from this (3)
Football because it is a high profile sport in the media which makes it popular for sponsors who can advertise their products. This brings in more money to the sport which can be used to develop grass roots
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State 3 ways in which the circulatory system responds to exercise (3)
Heart rate increases. Blood vessels near to surface dilate. Cardiac output increases. Body temperature increases.
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Describe 1 long time effect which exercise can have on the circulatory system (2)
Recovery rate is quicker. Reduced risk of heart disease. Lower resting heart rate
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Explain what is meant by oxygen debt and state how it is repaid (2)
A state where the body has used more oxygen that it can supplied which is repaid by completing a cool down
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Explain 1 way in which ICT can be used to improve knowledge (2)
Watching Youtube videos which are instructional can increase technical knowledge and show demonstrations which you can copy
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State 2 reasons why taking regular exercise can improve general health (2)
Helps to reduce stress and tension. It can tone the body leading to improvements in posture. It can improve basic levels of strength and stamina. Can improve sleep
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Explain why it is important to monitor and record the pulse rate when exercising or training (3)
The athlete can see what heart rate zone they are in and increase the level they are working at if needed. Need to ensure that you are not training too high. Speed of recovery shows you how fit you are
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Explain what is meant by the term reversibility (2)
Lowering or loss of fitness levels due to stopping or decreasing levels of training
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Describe how school links with local sports clubs can influence participation (2)
Can encourage extra participation as pupils will continue sport outside of school. Higher level of expertise from coaches who specialise in that sport. Better facilities can cover a wider range of sports
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What is dehydration and how can it be avoided? (2)
Having abnormally low water content in the body avoided by drinking sufficient amounts of water
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Describe what benefits the performer gains from using altitude training (2)
Increased oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Increase the number of red blood cells. Improved standard of performance in endurance events. Increased buffering capacity. Increased capillarisation
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How do schools promote participation through timetabled lessons? (2)
Providing broad and balanced PE provisions through the 6 ways of thinking. Opportunities to adopt different roles
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What is meant by the term agility giving a suitable example? (2)


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