Effects of coastal flooding on Tuvalu

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  • Effects of Coastal Flooding on Tuvalu
    • Economic Effects
      • Pukala trees grown in pits
        • tree's cant tolerate high salinities
        • poor Soil cover
      • Becomes harder to maintain popultaions due to sea level rise
        • culture being lost
        • locals cannot afford to pay for imported food
    • Political Effects
      • Government only option
        • Relocate Inhabitants
      • Teaching children about climate change in schools
    • Geographical Information
      • population + 11,000
      • GDP= 11 million
      • North Figi= 26kmx26km- 9 islands
      • pacific= 700,000 km2
      • 1978- independant from britain- fufati= 2nd largest island
    • Environmental Effects
      • High air + Sea temp
        • more destructive storms (cyclones)
        • no point higher than 5m above sea level
      • most Vunerable climate change
        • emit 0.06 worlds greenhouse gases
      • flooding increased in frequency
    • Socila Effects
      • Drinking water contaminated
        • Salt water intrusion affects island supplies and waste
      • Less food production
      • Relocation- 11,000 to newzealand/ australia
      • Cemented Pits- crops unable to tolerate high saltines
      • fresh water lens shrinks when island gets smaller
      • Try to make population more attractive as migrants (kiribati)
        • change qualifications and adding skills to population
      • Families being split up - Emigration
    • Background Info
      • High tide rises by 5mm each year
      • some tuvalu people are in denial
        • believe god will save thgem
      • Learn about climate change at the age of 6
      • 1/3 of Tuvaluans live in New Zealand
      • Success - Sold internet rights to tv


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