Effects of the Treaty of Versailles

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  • Effects of the Treaty of Versailles
    • Economical
      • less land to make money from
      • lost important, expensive machinery
      • already bankrupt and in debt
        • had sold war bonds to the public instead of raising taxes to pay for war
      • accepting the blame emphasised how they were being taken advantage of, especially in terms of money
    • Social
      • lost millions of Germans living on the land they lost
      • lots of men who wanted to join army couldn't. soldiers lost their jobs
      • rationing, normal people can't afford to be paid
      • people looked down on the Weimar Government, especially normal, working class people
    • Political
      • leaders didn't own as much land
      • reduction of army caused worry because they couldn't defend themselves
      • no money to make repairs
      • leaders were shamed in front of their country and other countries, which made them very disliked


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