Effects of Human Activities & Sustainability

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  • Agricultural Exploitation
    • Reasons for Deforestation
      • Wood for fuel and resources
      • Building purposes
      • Roads
      • Farmland
      • Grazing land for cattle
    • Drainage Ditches & Wetlands
      • Peat extraction reduces plant growth
      • Causes a reduction in biodiversity because the drainage interferes with the water cycle
      • Prevents water logged soil to improve soil aeration (O2)
        • Improves rate of nitrification
        • An attempt to prevent denitrification
      • Pollution in drainage ditches
    • Conflicts between Agriculture & Conservation
      • Using the land destroys habitats
        • This decreases bodiversity
      • Increasing populations means more food required
        • This leads to INTENSIVE farming
      • Increasing usage of pesticides and herbicides to maximise crop yield
    • Consequences of Deforestation
      • Regional climate changes
        • E.G. Water Cycle
      • Destruction of habitats
        • Decreases biodiversity
      • Climate Change (global)
        • The rate CO2 is removed from the atmosphere decreases
      • Soil erosion
        • Higher risk of lowlands flooding
      • Extinction of Species
    • Forest Management
      • Selective Cutting
        • E.G. Larger trees coming to the end of their life to allow smaller trees to absorb more light
          • For growth/ more nutrients etc.
      • Replanting/ Regeneration of Trees
        • Trees are planted the optimum distance apart
        • Sustainable because it preserves species
      • Pest Control
      • Rotation
        • Certain areas are left for years for trees to mature and are then felled, while another area is then allowed to replenish itself
      • Wardens


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