Effects of Human Activities & Sustainability

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  • Effects of Human Activities & Sustainability
    • Endangered Species
      • Biodiversity
        • The variety of species on Earth
      • Causes for the decrease in biodiversity and extinction
        • Loss of habitat
          • E.G. Deforestation
        • Over hunting by humans
        • Competition from newly introduced species
          • E.G. Alien species
        • Pollution
          • E.G. Oil slicks/ air pollution
        • Draining wetlands
        • Loss of hedgerows
    • Conservation of Species
      • Conservation = the maintenance of the bio-sphere and the enhance-ment of biodiversity
      • Nature Reserves
      • SSSI - Sites of Special Scientific Interest
      • International co-operation on restricting trade
      • Sperm banks
        • Seed banks
      • Captive breeding programmes
      • Re-introduction programmes
        • E.G. Red Kites in Wales
    • Agricultural Exploitation
      • Humans are dependent upon the Earth's resources for survival
      • Increasing population size means more food needs to be produced
      • In agriculture an increase in land use has led to conflict between production and conservation
        • Over-fishing of the oceans has also caused this
      • Using pesticides and fetilizers has improved crop yield
        • However this has also led to the development of environmental issues


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