effects of exercise

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  • Effects of exercise
    • Immediate effects of exercise
      • increase in depth and frequency in breathing
        • increases tidal volume
        • more air in going to the heart and lungs
          • more gaseous exchange
            • more oxygen enters the blood
            • more carbon dioxide is breathed out
      • increase in heart rate
        • resting heart rate is between 70-80bpm
        • exercise may raise it to 100-150bpm
        • depends on the exercise done
          • the harder the exercise the more the heart has to beat
      • performer gets hot/sweaty/ red skin
        • body temperature increases
          • the muscles are contracting more often
        • body tries to keep it cool
          • sweat
            • loses heat through evaporation
          • redness
            • vessels near skin surface open up
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    • Short term effects of exercise
      • nausea
        • this is the feeling of sickness or vomiting
        • can occur after or during exercise
        • caused by over exertion or ending exercise quickly
          • can be avoided by doing cool downs
        • lack of water intake during exercise
      • tiredness/ fatigue
        • caused by working hard
        • becoming with fluids which makes them feel heavy
        • passes by a day or two
      • light headedness
        • as if they may faint
        • caused by low sugar levels or drop in blood pressure
        • more likely to occur when someone has sweated alot
      • cramps
        • painful
        • caused by involuntary contractions of a muscle
          • caused by fatigue or strain of muscle
          • often linked to dehydration or loss of minerals
      • delayed onset of muscle soreness
        • DOMS
        • caused by eccentric muscle contractions
          • cause tears in muscle fiber
          • may lead to swelling
        • the muscle is supposed to tear
          • so that it becomes stronger
            • main benefit of exercise
    • Long term effects of exercise
      • body shape may change
      • increase in the size of the heart (hypertrophy)
      • lower resting heart rate (bradycardia)
      • improve specific components of fitness
        • muscular strength
        • muscular endurance
        • speed
        • cardio-vascular endurance
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