Effects of Exercise

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  • Effects of Excercise
    • Skeletal System
      • Short Term Effects
        • There are no short term effects of exercise on the skeletal system.
      • Long Term Effects
        • Increased bone density.
        • Increased flexibility at the joints.
        • Increased strength of ligaments and tendons
    • Muscular System
      • Short Term Effects
        • Muscle fatigue.
        • Lactic acid production.
        • Increased temperature.
      • Long Term Effects
        • Increased strength/size of muscle/ muscular endurance.
    • Circulatory System
      • Long Term Effects
        • Increased size/strength of muscle/ cardiac hypertrophy.
        • Increased stroke volume.
        • Increased cardiac output
        • Drop in resting heart rate/quicker return to resting heart rate
      • Short Term Effects
        • Increased heart rate.
        • Increased blood pressure
        • Increased systolic blood pressure
    • Respiratory System
      • Short Term Effects
        • Increased breathing rate.
      • Long Term Effects
        • Increased vital capacity




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