Edward 1 and Wales

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  • Edward 1 and Wales
    • What were the dates of Edward I's reign
      • 1272-1307
    • Who was his father?
      • Henry III
      • Eigth crusade, Barons War, fighting along side his father
    • Where did He gain his military experience before he became king
      • Eigth crusade, Barons War, fighting along side his father
    • In Which year was his coronation
      • 1274
    • When did Prince Llewellyn ap Gruffyd refuse to pay homage to him
      • 1275
      • How many times did he refuse to do this
      • What did Edward call Prince Llewellyn when he addressed Parliament
        • 'A rebel and a disturber of Peace'
    • What were his two nicknames
      • Hammer of the Scots and Edward Longshanks
    • When did the second war start
      • 1282
      • What happened to Llewellyn in the second war
        • Prince Llewellyn was killed in the Battle of Irfan Bridge
      • What happened to Dafydd in the second war
        • He was HDQ hung, drawn and quartered
    • Parliament allowed him to raise a tax - what was he allowed to tax
      • Wool and Leather
    • When did Edward 1 go to war with Wales for the first time
      • 1277
      • How many soldiers did he take
        • 150,000
      • What were some of the strategies he used to defeat the welsh in battle
        • What was the outcome of the first war
          • Edward allowed Prince Llewellyn to keep his title and some of his land
        • 1. He divided his army into three and 2. He blockaded Anglesey with his 25 ships and 3. He built roads ahead to allow troops to travel safely
    • Another tactic used to win against the welsh was to build an Iron Ring of castles
      • There were 8 castles in the Iron Ring
      • It costed £100,000 to build
      • Master James of St George was the architect of many of the castles
      • It took 50 years to build Caernarfon Castle and cost £25,000
    • The Statute of Rhuddlan in 1284 - was the new law introduced over wales
    • Edward made his son Prince of Wales in 1301


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