Education Theorists

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  • Education Theorists
    • Durkheim --Education and society - Functionalist
      • Creating social solidarity
        • Education as the transmission of society's norms and values
        • considered necessary in order to produce SOCIAL SOLIDARITY
          • So people can have a sense of belonging to a bigger organisation
        • School is a society in miniature and learning how to act around people and follow a fixed set of rules
          • Preparing a  young adult about social norms
      • Teaching specialist Skills
        • Argues that individual must be taught specialist skills so that they can take thier place within a higher complex divisson of labour
      • Marists agrue that education institutional institutions tend to transsmit a dominant culture which serves the intrest of the ruling class
    • Bowles and Gints  schooling in Capitalist America  MARXIST
      • They argue that there is a close relationship between social relationships in the workplace and in education
      • Operates through the HIDDEN CURRICULUM
        • Helps produce a subservient workforce
        • Encourages an acceptance of hierarchy
        • Makes pupils motivated by external Rewards rather then education itself
        • Subjects are fragmented in the same way that routine work is
      • Some may disagree because of the many trade unions  industrial action in the UK doesn't support worker conformty idea
    • Gibbon and Youdell  --(Marxists?)  Found that teachers are more likely to put middle class students into higher papers
      • Schools are more likely to help  GCSE border rates
    • Bourdieu --Says Cultural Capital ca be translated into wealth and power
    • Smith and Noble --Points out the Material needs in education in influencing class


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