Class and Achievement: Inside Factors

Explains Labelling, Marketisation and Banding/Setting/Streaming

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  • Education: Inside factors on achievement and class gap
    • Labelling
      • Concerned with the way in which teachers respond to pupils behaviour
      • Gillborn et al: m/c children are more likely to been seen as having the ability to do the higher level exams
      • results in w/c being denied the opportunity to obtain higher grades
      • Teachers more likely to convey expectations onto m/c resulting in self fulfilling prophecy
      • Fuller: Black girls resist labels to do well
    • Banding, Setting, Streaming
      • Ability grouping in schools, tendancy for m/c higher than w/c
      • teachers deny w/c access to higher level knowledge in favour of lower level tiers
      • Campbell: higher sets mean higher attainment, bottom sets don't learn at same rate
      • Ball: 'Social Barbarism'  well off can separate their children from others they consider socially inferior
    • Marketisation
      • Competitive climate between schools created
      • M/c seen as desirable as achieve better results, w/c seen as liability which are barriers to sucsess
      • Cream skin higher ability's and silt shift disadvantaged into poorer schools who have to take them for funding
      • Gillborn: school league tables create grade economy where schools channel efforts into students likely to get 5.
      • lower sets seen to have less ability and are helpless resulting in self fulfilling prophecy


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