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- AS Level Sociology…read more

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What is socialization? Types of socialization Agents of socialization
Advent of socialization Family
Primary socialization Peer group
Significant other
Mass Media
Secondary socialization
Religious institution
Educational institution
Workplace…read more

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What is socialization?
Provides skills/habits necessary
for acting/participating in society
Process of learning one's
culture and how to live
within it…read more

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Advent of socialization
· Gained popularity in mid-20th century
in USA
· Talcott Parsons ­ connection between
individual and society
· Social norms reveal values of
· Durkheim ­ relationship between
norms, values and roles during
socialization…read more

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Primary Secondary…read more

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Primary socialization
· First socialization
· When child learns
attitudes, values,
· Refers to individuals
as members of a
· Important agent:
other…read more

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