treatments for depression

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  • treatments for abnormal affect
    • biological
      • drugs              SSRIS block the presynapse so serotonin can not be reabsorbed  prozac
      • drugs monoamine oxidase inhibitors this work by inhibiting monoamine oxidase which breaks down serotonin
      • ECT            brief electric shock to specific parts of the brain     Nordenskjold found 61% of patient on just drugs relapse but 32% on ECT and drugs
    • cognitive
      • cognitive restructuring
        • therapist explains the rationale behind therapy, clients are taught how to monitor automatic negative thoughts, clients are taught to use behaviour techniques to challenge negative thoughts, therapist and client explore how negative thoughts are responded by client, dysfunctional beliefs are identified and challenged
        • burns 2013 found that 68% of women in CBT recovered after 15 weeks compared to usual care group
      • REBT
        • ellis stated that rationality consists of thinking in a way to reach our goals       Activating event        beliefs about events        cognitive response to event
        • treating includes D and E Dispute irrational belief and effective new beliefs about event


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