Eco Tourism - Masai Tents in Kenya

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  • Eco/ Sustainable/ Green/ Community Tourism - The Masai in Kenya
    • Facts
      • Location: Masai Mara - between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks - Kenya/Africa
      • Three tented camps - owned and run by Kenyans for tourists to stay in
    • Advantages
      • Environmental
        • Wild life protected and they stay in their natural surroundings
        • Less soil erosion due to less building and transport
        • Less air and visual pollution as less people go there - well sustained
      • Economic
        • Money earnt goes directly to the masai not to other companies
        • Money can be re-invested to improve infrastructure e.g. schools / healthcare centres
      • Social
        • Tourists who stay in the tents experience traditional food / entertainment
        • Tourists who stay in the tents have to pay to stay there
          • Benefits local people as money can be re-invested for the local masai to go to school and have better access to health care
        • Creates jobs for Kenyans - making it more sustainable
          • Can be seasonal to an extent
    • Disadvantages
      • Economic
        • Local culture can be changed
        • Masai can be exploited
        • Alcoholism can occur


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