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Reasons for a Global Increase in Tourism:

More Disposable Income

Better Transport Links

Paid Holidays

Minimum of four weeks holiday (UK)

Better Infrastructure

Most places available within 24 hours

Low Cost airlines from competition

Easy booking via the internet


National Park in Cumbria-  (3rd Most popular of 15 in the UK)

8 Million Tourists per year

Beautiful mountains and lakes, Scafell Pike 977m... Windermere 17km

Walking, climbing, sailing, fishing, canoeing, picturesque towns (Keswick, Ambleside)

Famous Writers William wordsworth and Beatrix potter home to.

Transport links- (From manchester- M6) (Railway between london and Glasgow, passes close to Kendal and goes onto Penrith)

Jobs Created... 20,000 full time, 35,000 seasonal

visitor make the area £600million per year

services kept busy

Demand for food helps local farmers

car park charges

better roads

leisure centres


Congestion in old narrow streets and HONEYPOT SITES

80% of Tourists use cars

Footpaths worn away

Most jobs are only seasonal

Low paid, Part time jobs

Property prices raise for holiday homes- locals cant afford them

15% of homes are second homes- Local shops and pubs lose out.


Coldest, Dryest, Windiest, Highest Continent

Centred around the south pole, surrounded by the Alantic ocean

5 million square miles

Uninhabbited until 1897- now only scientists live in research stations (About 50)

Temperature is below freezing- normally around -30 Degrees C

45,000 tourists in 2009

More accesible than it was before

It is an unspoilt wilderness

It can now be visited on cruiseships

Ecotourism- people dont want to harm the environment

Unique wildlife (Penguins, Albatross, seals, Whales, Leapard seal)

People have higher incomes

Climb rock and ice faces

cruise inlets in small boats

visit scientific research stations

hiking, Kayaking

scuba diving under the Ice

exploring the shallow seabeds in underwater vehicles.


Cruise ships come too close to the shore and disturbs the wildlife

this affects feeding, breeding and the rearing of young

Ships can have accidents and leak oil- Polluting the sea and beaches

threateing birds, animals and plants.

In 2007 canadian cruise ship (Explorer) hit submerged Ice and sank, all 154 passangers were rescued but oil leaked into the sea


Tourism is internationally controlled and monitored

7 days costs around £25,000- Most of time spent on the cruise ship

The Treaty of Antarctica:

1961- Nearly 50 countires signed…


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