Economic Impacts on Darfur

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  • Economic Impacts on Durfur
    • Revenue from oil in sudan used by Khartoum government to arm Janjaweed
    • Black population forced into IDP camps
      • reliant on foreign aid
      • no longer farming
      • virtual imprisonment, cut off from livelihoods
        • government run markets
        • gowing crops too dangerous due to patrolling janjaweed
    • Many refugees worked in Libya oil industry and sending money back to families
      • border between Libya and Sudan closing so no jobs available meaning remittances ares stopped
    • 75% of donkeys died due to lack of feed and water
      • identify ownership of a donkey as their greatest economic asset
      • only real asset that can be turned into cash
    • some economic development in camps thanks to AID agencies
      • Brick making schemes
      • fuel efficient stoves introduced


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