Conflict - Darfur

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  • Darfur
    • History
      • The remainder of Sudan is mostly nomadic Arabs
      • The Darfur region of Sudan is mainly comprised of black Africans
      • There is a long standing conflict between these two groups
    • Causes
      • Social
        • The black Africans wanted greater representation
      • Economic
        • The rebel groups wanted shares in the oil reserves for education and health provision
    • Impacts
      • Social
      • Environmental
        • The water supply has been deliberately contaminated
        • Most of the fertile land is now owned by the Janjaweed
      • Political
        • Ethnic cleansing
    • Events
      • The Sudan Liberation and Justice and Equality Movement in Darfur took up arms
        • They accused the Sudanese government of oppressing non-Arab Sudanese
          • SLM and JEM attacked government officials
            • The Janjaweed (a Sudanese militia) retaliated and attacked villages
              • They murdered and ***** civillians, burned down houses and stole
              • Air raids were carried out on rebel groups by the Sudanese government
                • The Sudanese government denies supporting the Janjaweed
                  • However, they have been providing assistence, weapons and orgainising joint attacks
    • Responses
      • A peace agreement was negotiated in 2006 - but this failed
      • General feeling is that the rebels would happily negotiate if the Janjaweed were disarmed
      • Government are denying involvement in war crimes


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