Eat Me - Patience Agbabi

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  • Eat Me - Patience Agbabi
    • Structure
      • Strong Structure
        • 10 stanzas with 3 lines each
      • It is an audacious dramatic monologue which is a poetic form in which a single character, addressing a silent auditor at a critical moment, reveals himself or herself and the dramatic situation
      • Uses rhyming words such as 'cake' and 'weight' which cause uncertainity
      • Uses repetition of the letter 'c' such as in 'called chubby cuddly' to emphasize controll
      • Emphasis of sound 'o' such as in 'poured olive oil down my throat' highlights sound of choking
    • Language Techniques
      • 'He likes soft girls' emphasises the control and how he likes to dominate
      • Euphamism
        • Use of the word 'cuddly' is often used when calling someone fat without being disrespectful
    • Imagery
      • 'I was a tidal wave of flesh'
        • Symbolises how once a tidal wave is approaching you cannot stop it and will destruct anything
          • Symbolism of the male's death
      • 'His desert island after shipwreck. Or a beached whale on a king-size bed craving a wave'
        • Water imagery is often used as water engulfs and can change into any shape
          • Shows how she has no strength of character
    • Tone
      • Melancholic and submissive
        • Shows how she could probably never tell anyone about how she feels
      • Personal pronouns in the last 2/3 tercets changes the tone
        • She gains more control over him


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