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Rose is the second youngest in the Mundy family, 32 years
old and contributes to the income with her job as a knitter.…read more

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As described in the play, `Rose is simple. All her sisters are kind to her
and protect her. But Agnes has taken on the role of special protector.
Her character has a childish mentality, this shown through both her
actions and words.
For example, on page 3 Rose bursts into raucous song:
`Will you come to Abyssinia, will you come?
Bring your own cup and saucer and a bun...'
(as she sings the next two lines she dances ­ a gauche, shuffle
that defies the rhythm of the song)…read more

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She asks a lot of questions like a child too, such as on page four
where she asks Agnes;
Rose: Is Abyssinia in Africa, Aggie?'
Agnes: Yes.
Rose: Is there a war there?
Agnes: Yes, I've told you that.
Rose: But that's not far where Father Jack was, is it?
Agnes: [patiently] Jack was in Uganda, Rosie. That's a different
part of Africa. You know that.
Rose: Yes, I do...I do... I know that...
The patience in Agnes tone shows that she knows how to handle Rose
and can answer without getting irritated or impatient with Rose's
questions, this showing the bond they share and reflects Agnes'
protection over Rose.…read more

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Naivety is shown too in Rose's character. This is shown through her
`thing' with Danny Bradley. The sisters guess that Rose is meeting him
before she admits it and know he's bad. Rose also knows he's bad,
hence why she doesn't full admit that it's him she is meeting. There is
a sense of her wanting to rebel and be a bit cheeky about it, but as an
audience we can already tell that he is not a nice man.
Whilst it's clear that he is probably trouble for her, she says how she
will, `....bring a bottle of milk with me. And I've enough money saved
for a packet of biscuits.'…read more

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Although Kate acts like a mother figure towards everyone, she
especially shows authority over Rose because of Rose's young
behaviour. However Rose doesn't take it and acts back. For example,
Rose begins teasing Kate about Austin Morgan who brushes it off in
embarrassment and tries to ignore her, dismissing Rose who
continues to go on about it. It's like Rose doesn't know when to stop,
showing her lack of social awareness. On page 10, the conversation
Rose: I know why you went into Morgan's!
Kate: He did indeed. He's very mannerly.
Rose: You wanted to see Austin Morgan!
Kate: Every field along the road ­ they're all out at the hay and
the corn.
Rose: Because you have a notion of that aul Austin Morgan.
Kate: Going to be a good harvest by the look of it.
Rose: I know you have! She's blushing! Look! Isn't she blushing!…read more

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Suddenly, when Kate snaps at Rose ­ `For God's sake, Rose. Shut
up, would you!' ­ it's Agnes who steps in, saying `Rosie, pass me
those steel needles ­ would you please?' This shows that while they
both have authority over Rose, it's Agnes who can handle her better
because the two of them have a closer relationship than Rose and
The sisterly relationship between Agnes and Rose stands out, this is
shown through they nicknames for each other, `Rosie and Aggie'. They
also work together too, meaning they are always together and only
strengthening their relationship. Rose even says: `I love you, Aggie! I
love you more than chocolate biscuits!'
Rose then `kisses Agnes impetuously, flings her arms above her head,
begins singing `Abyssinia' and does the first steps of a bizarre and
abandoned dance. At this Kate panics.'…read more

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